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Middle Tennessee Farmers Market Outreach

A site dedicated to helping limited-resource farmers and others learn about and participate in Middle Tennessee farmers markets and CSAs.   

Organic Farmers Market

About this Site

This website arose out of a research project focused on understanding the limitations that might prevent limited-resource farmers such as the growing number of Hispanic immigrants getting involved in agriculture from reaching customers through traditional community-run farmers markets. In the course of this project, it became apparent that information on many markets and what is required to join them was not easy to find. Thus, as a means of supporting farmers interested in joining markets across the Middle Tennessee region, this website was created. 

This bilingual English and Spanish website includes a clickable map identifying each market site. Each site then has its own page with information including location, day, time, season, and contact information, along with a general profile on the market.  This website also includes a community forum for establishing connections and discussing issues of interest, and a blog that addresses a range of topics important to both farmers and consumers.

Markets around the Mid-South

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